Diabetic Foot Care


Foot problems are much less common and less severe with good treatment and regular monitoring!

Barree Mobile Foot Care

     We can help you prevent Diabetic foot problems by providing professional regular routine everyday foot care!  

Routine foot and nail care involves correctly cutting ,filing and reducing the thickness of toe nails; removing hard areas of skin and providing advice on the overall care of your feet including skin care and footwear advice. 

Routine nail care treatment 


Routine Podiatry 



Foot care and Diabetic foot assessment


 Diabetic annual foot Assessment and treatment: What is included!

We will visually check your feet looking for areas of increased pressure and any change in foot shape and assess your joint mobility. We will assess the blood flow to your feet with the aid of a Doppler ultrasound machine, and if needed we can also test the blood pressure in your legs by carrying out an Ankle Brachial Pressure Index ratio test. We will undertake any routine foot care treatment and provide any advice needed to maintain your foot health and normally complete your treatment with the application of a foot cream or a cooling foot spray unless advised otherwise. 

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